Choosing The Right Wig Before Chemo

cancer wig

Chemotherapy causes hair loss and hair thinning – that means you may loose your hair during and after treatment.  If you want a smooth transition from having hair to being hair-free, make a plan before your 1st Chemo treatment. If you want to purchase a wig or hairpiece, then let’s get started.

We have wigs that very in price anywhere from $59 -$2200. We help with any processing of insurance claims.

When you loose your hair your scalp can tends to be sensitive, we have caps that will make your wig feel secure and comfortable. We have lots of experience with cancer patients and we offer a comfortable friendly environment.
Don’t settle for a wig that just isn’t you. At bedazzled we gave a personal stylist that cuts, trims, thins, colors, and accessorizes your wig until you love it! Before starting chemo, buy a wig that you feel beautiful in.