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In 1988, my mother, Judi Frantz, founded BeDazzled Wigs in Fort Wayne Indiana. My hesitation to join Mom in business prompted me to keep my part-time job and worked with Mom part-time alongside “sometime a stay at home mom.” In 1998, I watched my mother encourage a cancer patient with the perfect wig. Our new customer came to us in tears and left smiling. My mind was about to change. I went from wanting a career change to needing to help people feel better during a time they are at their lowest. It is amazing every time we watch, something as simple as a wig can change a client’s whole prospective on life. Clients go from depressed to decisively shaving their hair and taking back control. We don’t allow the cancer take over and it exciting that all it took was a wig.

Clients want to look like themselves again, and not be reminded every time they glance in a mirror that their image has changed. A side benefit is that the tiredness and side affects of chemotherapy, hair care is as easy as running your fingers through the wig. You can be confident when running errands and bumping into people they knew or even strangers. Client often get compliments. Just offer a smile when they hear “Oh! I love what you have done to your hair” , or “You look Great!”

I worked along side of Mom for over 20 Years but after her passing I was not sure if I wanted to continue so I closed the doors. Eight months ago with encouragement from many of our clients, I choose to reopen the wig store. I needed a location closer to home and a welcoming place that was private so clients could feel protected. I rented an office space in the North Airport Office Park, although is a bit hard to find, the privacy and exclusiveness of the store are perfect. We stock over 100 wigs in inventory and continually update to include the newest styles and colors while keeping our very reasonable prices. We offer individualized help with our knowledge and training from the wig manufacturers. It is our policy to treat our clients in an honest, relaxed setting and so our customers leave happy with their decision. Please call for an appointment so that I may give you my complete attention and the privacy you deserve.
Look Great, Feel Better!
Christine K Ruskaup
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JANUARY 9, 2016
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