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Much easier to find the right wig in a store with one of the largest selection in Indiana.  All of these wigs are brand new and can be altered to fit your head.  The color is easier to pick in person along with the fact that overall fit of the wig can be so different in pictures than in person, I think this is why online wig stores allow the wigs to be returned within 14 days.  That can be a good thing or a Bad thing depending on the person who finally ends up with the wig and how many different people have had it for the 14 days.  Please Look online at the wigs then call me to set up the appointment for the perfect wig for you that makes you feel like you again!

rene of Paris

Shop Online but buy in store.  Get a Great Fit and color match in person noriko rene of Paris Amore rene of Paris

Milano human Hair wig

Milano human Hair wig

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